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I was interviewed in Nettmagasinet by Amalie Nærø about the uses of second hand clothing.

I've also been in different magazines in cooperation with our theatre company and there were pictures, but not really pictures from a modelling perspective. It was all about what we do on the stage and so on.
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One of the short films I've been part of was sort of a commercial/ promotion film for a group that would help adults suffering from mental health issues.

I have been in four short films, because I'm an actress. I have acted on Sentralen stage in Oslo twice with the main role and I've been on Riksscenen in Oslo and also on one of the major stages in Tromsø.
I was part of a Korean television show once.
I have worked as an actress at the police academy in Oslo and for grad students studying psychosis.
I cooperated with a psychiatrist who wanted video's for educational purposes.
I've also been holding minor performances around in Oslo with our theatre company.
A recorded interview of me has been broadcasted in front of many hundreds of people and it was also available online by Aftenposten along with another short film about our group as a whole that was published at another time.

Bilder Nordic workshop, Hans Ro
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