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Important information to models and clients regarding our policies during the Corona outbreak
  • Corona 3
Corona 3
Heartbreak and Pholk will take the following steps in the difficult situation caused by the Corona Virus:

Information to models: All our models should keep us informed at all times regarding your current health situation, if you are booked for a job. No model is allowed to go to work unless you feel 100% healthy.

Photo shoots: For now, we don´t see any problems with arranging photo shoots, as there are a limit number of personnel on set at the same time. Everyone in the team is encouraged to keep good distance to each other, though.

Open call on Thursdays: We have decided to cancel open calls until further notice. We will, of course, monitor the situation, and give continuous notice of any changes. As for now, we don´t think there will be any open calls in May. It is still possible to register on our website in the meantime, though. Clients have started calling again, so there are still chances to get some work.

Personnel at work: For some time to come, we will only have 1-2 employees in the office during working hours. The rest will work from home, and can be contacted by email or cell phone.

We want to encourage the entire population to take this situation seriously and not contribute to further dissemination. At the same time, it is important to run "business as usual", to prevent a recession in the economy. But of course we should all take our precautions.

Just call us if you want to have a chat.
Sincerely, the team @Heartbreak & Pholk
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