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  • Pholk kids for Cubus
Pholk kids for Cubus

We need models in all categories, but are specifically looking for these types right now:
*Musclar boys and girls around 20 years old
*Girls that are willing to color their hair for hair shows
*Plus size models - both women and men
*Kids in Copenhagen / Sjælland
*"Dads" in Copenhagen (Men 30-55, who looks like a kind family father)
*Men and women of different ethnities in the Oslo and Copenhagen area from 30 years and up.
*"Grandparents" in both Oslo and Copenhagen
(If you don´t match these criterias, we are still interested in all types of people.)

You don´t look like a fashion model, you say?
Well, we also need more of the "normal" type of person, with a good smile,
that are keen on doing the odd job now and then.
It can be great fun, and well paid for the day.

We have delivered models to over 3 000 clients world wide, and we always strive to have great diversity for all the different requests we get :)

Hope to see your registration soon!
The Pholk team

In PDF each model is represted with 4 images.
You may select which images to use by clicking 4 of them. Click again to unselect.